Refund Policy

We base our relationship with our customers on trust. That is why we are upfront about all the fees included in our process, and about our different refund options. We provide our customers with the most affordable service fee, and one of the most generous refund policies in the market. In order to keep offering this level of fee, we set a clear refund policy.

Please read these next points carefully, and if you have any more questions, contact us at any moment.


When you make an order with us, except for our dedicated service and customer support, the following are included in your package:

Home Kits for Sperm Freezing
The fee depends on the number of our home sperm kits you wish to use.

Lab Testing and Processing
Once your sample arrives to our lab, we do a sperm count and a motility test, making sure your sample is viable for usage later on. You have the option to add a morphology test, for an extra fee.

You can choose between an annual storage plan which you will need to extend every year and one of our discounted multiple year pre-paid plans.

Once you want to retrieve your sample.


Yes! We offer full refunds in certain scenarios, and in case you are eligible for one, we will issue your refund within 24 hours of your request.

100% Process Quality Guarantee
In case of any technical issue related to the delivery of the package or the package itself, you will get a full refund*. For example, if the package is delayed on its way to you or back to our lab because of FedEx shipping delays.

We are strictly following our process in order to allow optimal clinical results for our customers. If anything falls outside of our process guidelines, we will allow our customers to repeat the process. If this is due to a process-related issue, we will cover all related costs, or offer a full refund, per customer’s request.

* Please be aware that in the event of any technical issue related to the package itself, you must notify us of the defect you found by email, chat, or phone immediately upon receiving the package up to one hour after receiving the package. In case your package does not arrive on time or you cannot locate the package, you must notify us by 5 p.m on your chosen delivery date. Letting us know on time allows us the chance to work with FedEx and fix the issue in a timely manner.


We aren’t fans of hidden fees. We really aren’t. This is why it is important for us that you know in advance what you will have to pay for within the process.

You can cancel your order before your package is shipped to you and receive a full refund, excluding 3% payment processing fee. Cancellation requests must be submitted to within 7 days of ordering. Cancellation requests submitted after 7 days from ordering will be subject to an administrative fee of $50.

We provide our customers with the flexibility of choosing the day they will have their kits delivered to them (on our checkout page). Our kits are shipped with a FedEx priority overnight shipment and will arrive around noon of the chosen delivery date. As our sperm protection medium needs to be stored in the fridge, we expect our customers to be home to receive the kits when they arrive.

In case you ordered 1 kit, if the package has arrived to the desired address by the end of your chosen delivery date, with reference to FedEx records, $125 of the payment becomes non-refundable for FedEx direct shipping and handling costs. In case you ordered 2 kits, $150 of the payment becomes non-refundable. In case you ordered 3 or more kits, we require a special packaging and therefore the non-refundable will become $200.

Saturday special delivery fee ($25 per each kit ordered, if selected on checkout) is non-refundable in addition to any other non-refundable fees.

Please note that this amount will still be counted as a non-refundable fee regardless of any specific circumstances, which may include but are not limited to the following:  

– A customer is unavailable to receive the kit on their chosen delivery day
– A customer decides not to use the kits after purchasing them
– A customer does not or forgets to put the preservation medium in the fridge
– A customer does not follow our sperm collection instructions (available here), and the kit is, therefore, no longer useful.

If you decide to cancel your order before your package has been shipped, you will be eligible to a full refund.

In case of asking for additional replacement kits, an additional $100 (per kit) will be charged for direct shipping and handling costs of the package. This is in addition to any other non-refundable amounts in the process.

Package Downgrading
Downgrading from our Ultimate package to our Recommended package or from our Recommended package to our Standard package will result in non-refundable administrative, shipping and handling fee of $100.  Should you decide not to use one or more of your ordered kits, please don’t ship them back to our lab, but rather discard them and apply for a refund. Shipping-back of an unused kit will trigger Sample Testing and Processing non-refundable fee. 

Sample Testing & Processing
Our process is a proven ‘tried and tested’ process, and works for many different customers. However, fertility statistics show that 1 in 15/20 men experience some sort of problem with their sperm. If you are part of this statistics, it does not mean that you won’t have the ability to have children, but simply that our service might not be suitable for you, and that a visit to a fertility clinic or provide a sample onsite might do the trick. We want you to understand that there is always the chance that your sample may not be eligible for cryopreservation. The decision for cryopreservation is done by our lab experts in good faith and with the sole purpose of helping you secure your fertility.

Once your sample has been shipped back and arrived safely to our lab, an additional $125 (per sample) of the payment becomes non-refundable regardless whether or not your sample is eligible for freezing. This is due to our own costs for shipping and processing of your sample. We are always transparent and share the sample test results with our customers so customers are informed and can seek medical advice.

In case the sample is eligible for freezing, you can still apply for a refund. In such a case, the non-refundable amount will be $250 per sample ($400, in case of the Ultimate package, as a result of the special handling and shipping fee or if morphology test was ordered); any refund requests must be submitted within 30 days of placing the order.

Time frame for sending back the sample
Our preservation medium is composed from certain biological ingredients. In order to maximize the efficiency of our process, we ask for all kits to be sent back to us (one by one upon producing of each the sample) within 12 business days from the day you receive them. Sending your samples within this time-frame reduces the risk of a malfunction with our preservation medium due to home storage issues.

Please note that, in case of not returning the kits to us within this 12-day timeframe, any refund requests following our lab testing and processing will not be accepted. In case you see that you are not able to provide us with the kits within this timeframe, contact us immediately.

Delay In Providing Blood Work Results
Our customers trust us to store their samples in the most secure conditions possible. This is why we ask for a blood test result for infectious diseases to be sent to us within 45 days of the order. In case for any reason we do not receive this within 45 days, or if the results indicate any infectious diseases, we need to store your sample in a special storage container which costs an extra annual $100 on your storage fee, starting on first year of storage. We also reserve the right to terminate samples in such circumstances.

Annual Storage Fee
Our annual storage fee is charged annually at the beginning of the relevant storage year. In case you decide to retrieve or terminate your sample in the middle of a storage year, you will not be eligible to a refund.

Pre-paid Annual Storage Plans
As expressed before, you have the ability to order pre-paid multiple year plans. In case you do, they become 100% non-refundable 45 days after your first sample storage. This means that in case you decide to retrieve or terminate your sample at any point in time following 45 days of your sample storage and before the end of the pre-paid period, you will not be eligible to a refund.


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In case you’ve missed any of the details specified above, or wish to have a quick clear understanding of our fees, we hope this table* clarifies things a bit better:

  1. In case of any technical issue related to the delivery of the package or the package itself – you can always ask for a Full Refund under our 100% Process Quality Guarantee Policy.
  2. In case our package was delivered to your desired address on your chosen delivery date – you can ask for a Full Refund except for $125 for one kit, $150 for two kits and $200 for three kits, covering our most direct shipping and handling expenses.
  3. In case you shipped back a kit to our lab for testing and processing – you may ask for Full Refund except for our non-refundable direct shipping and handling expenses ($125 for one kit, $150 for two kits, $200 for three), and our non-refundable return shipping and lab processing fee ($125 per kit). In total, you will be withheld for the sum of up to $250 for the Standard package, $275 for the Recommended package, and $325 for the Ultimate package.

*Subject to the more detailed explanation above.