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All our packages include 1 year of FREE storage!

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Additional fees

  • First storage year is always FREE. Each additional storage year is $145 for the Standard Package or $215 for the Recommended or Ultimate packages.
  • Termination is FREE of charge. The shipping fee for retrieving your sample to your clinic of choice is either FREE or one-time $345 with us (see FAQ for further details).

Important to know

  • All our packages include a sperm testing report signed by an embryologist, and 1-year of FREE storage.

  • offers the most safe and secure storage. To allow clean and secure storage environment, we request blood-work for infectious disease within 45 days of sample storage. We provide a referral inside the kit, which you can use with any lab preferred by your insurance. We provide necessary extensions during COVID-19.

You won’t find a better package!

Our goal is to make sperm preservation a commodity. That is why we offer the most complete package of services in the market, with the most affordable prices you can find.