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Additional fees

  • First storage year is FREE. Each additional storage year is $145 for the Standard Package or $215 for the Recommended or Ultimate packages.
  • Termination is FREE of charge. The fee for retrieving your sample and shipping it to the clinic of your choice is one-time $345 (if a sample is retrieved within its first year of storage an increased retrieval fee will be due, see FAQ).

Important to know

  • We request blood-work for infectious disease within 45 days of sample storage.
    We provide a referral inside the kit, which you can use with any lab preferred by your insurance. For more information see our FAQ page.

  • Due to our lab’s operating hours, shipping your kits back to us is possible Mondays through Thursdays only. In order for the process to be effective, we ask all our customers to ship back their kits within 12 business days from when they receive them.

You won’t find a better package!

Our goal is to make sperm preservation a commodity. That is why we offer the most complete package of services in the market, with the most affordable prices you can find.