Our process

Everything you should know from your online order to your sample's safe storage. Our dedicated customer support is here for you if you need any further direction throughout the process.

Step 1: Order kits

Start your journey with Sppare.me by ordering your home sperm freezing kits. You can choose a convenient delivery date during the checkout process.


We offer nationwide service, to customers from all across the United States!

Step 2 : Receive kits

Once your kits arrive (around noon of your chosen delivery date), open them and follow the simple instructions provided inside.
Download Instructions


Our kit includes the following items:

Sterile collection cup & preservation medium
Ice pack & thermal case
FedEx pak & Bio-hazard bag
Instructions, documentation, & pre-paid overnight stamp

Step 3: Go!

Now that everything is clear, it is time to get down to business. Set the mood just right, dim the lights, put on a good Marvin Gaye tune, and let yourself go. Produce your sample directly into the sample collection cup and put it back in the box following the instructions.

Step 4 : Ship back kits

Our kits are pre-paid for FedEx priority overnight delivery, and contain a unique preservation medium to keep your samples viable on their way to the lab. For more info regarding the shipping process check our FAQ.

Step 5 : Wait for results

With each of your samples arrival to our lab, we test them for volume, concentration, count, motility and morphology (optional) ensuring they are viable and ready for cryopreservation. Once each testing is complete, we process the sample, split it into several vials, to be stored in a special stainless steel tank at -320F.