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From a Millennial’s Diary

I was born in the summer of 1990. People like to call my generation ‘y’ or the ‘Millennials’. When I read how other people describe my generation, I always affiliate. Yes, I’m getting bored very easily, changing jobs every couple of years, and prefer the easiest and fastest way of achieving things in life.

As other guys my age, I don’t see myself getting married before the age of 35 and even later. I have so many things to achieve before settling down. First, there are so many countries I want to visit, including Peru, South Africa, Australia and Japan (they are on the top of my list, but the list is quite long). How can you possibly have time to travel when you have kids?. If I want to fulfill my dreams and wishes, I would need to postpone any dream of a future family to a later stage in life.

Also, do you know how much does kids cost? I want my kids to have everything they need, to have good education, and not to have the burden of student loans as I have. For this, I need to have a good and stable job with a high salary. To be promoted in my current job, I need to work overtime, be available during weekends and work from home. How can you find a relationship and even start thinking of a family with so much stress and demand at work?

Obviously, to have kids I need to have the right partner. Finding the right person is intriguing. There are so many girls in dating websites and apps, and it makes it really hard to find the right person, as I always think that I’ll find someone better after the current one. I guess this is the millennial inside of me – I’m getting bored quickly and avoiding making life time decisions, as there are so many choices available.

Studies show that the number of children born to 40+ years old fathers has doubled since 1980. So yes, I’m not alone. As many of my millennial’s friends, I decided to postpone my parenthood.

Nevertheless, I still want healthy kids in the future. I’m aware that with age the quality of my swimmers declines. Therefore, I decided to cryopreserve my sperm, so I can use it down the road, when I’m ready to become a parent.

Other studies show, that just like me, 73% of millennials consider preserving their sperm. I guess it is no longer a secret that men have biological clock too. We, the millennials, do not want to compromise on the quality of our lives, as well as on the health of our future children.

Did I mention that I’m a millennial who always chooses the easiest and fastest ways to achieve things in life? I preserved my sperm using at-home sperm freezing kit. Everything was done from the comfort of my home, and my healthy assets are safely stored in an FDA® lab in Milburn, NJ.

I’m lucky I was born in an era in which I can easily use technology and science to make my life better and easier, and for sure – much less stressful.

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