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Do I Even Want Kids?

Here at we offer you to freeze and store your sperm to ensure you will be a parent to healthy kids, one day, if you want.

But who said you even want kids in the future?
In this blog we will try to help you understand whether you want to preserve your fertility.

Why Do People Want Kids?

Well, apparently there are several reasons for that. The most common reason is that people love children. They have good interaction with kids, and they like the feeling they have when they play and take care of kids.

We also heard the following reasons:

  • People want to make sure someone will take care of them when they get old
  • Seeing friends and family with their children, makes people want to have the same experience
  • Wanting someone to carry their last name and continue their family generation
  • To please their spouse who wants kids
  • To please their parents who want grandchildren
  • To have more people into the world who will enjoy the gifts of life
  • Natural urge for having kids

Shatter the Myth – Not Only Women Want Kids

It is alleged that only women feel the urge for having kids. However, studies show that men want children not less than as much women do.

An Associated Press-WE tv poll found that more than 8 in 10 men express they have always wanted to be fathers or think they’d like to be one someday. In addition, the poll found that the percentage of men without kids who said that they want to have kids one day was similar to the percentage of women without kids that expressed the same wish.

Do People Change Their Mind About Having Kids?

People change their mind All The Time. This happens with age, when entering a relationship, when moving to a new house, when finding a new job, when losing something or someone we care about and more. Different events in life change our perception and point of view. It is possible that today you do not want kids, but you may change your mind in the future.

As one extreme example, substantial number of men who undergo a vasectomy procedure regret it later in life and wish to reverse it. And remember, these people positively decided at one point in their lives that they do not want kids, and took a proactive action to ensure it.  New marriage and wanting another child are the leading reasons for regretting vasectomy. Therefore, many men choose to freeze and store their sperm with us before their vasectomy procedure. To read more about vasectomy and fertility preservation, click here.

So… What If I’m not Yet Sure I Want Kids?

Having kids is a personal choice and you should have kids only when you are ready!

However, if you are getting into your 30’s and you are unsure you want kids, you should consider banking your healthy sperm. With age, men experience a significant decline in fertility and increased risk for health issues in babies. Therefore, although a man might not want or is not ready now to have children, he should consider preserving his sperm when it is young, so he will have healthy babies down the road. To read more about the impact of age on male fertility and the health of his offspring, click here.

You should also keep in mind that there are certain activities that may negatively impact your fertility, including: smoking, bicycle riding, use of certain medications, using or being near cell phones and wireless networks, and more. In many cases, these activities may have a permanent effect. To learn more about which activities may impact your fertility, click here.

One of’s goals is to raise awareness among men and couples about fertility health and the importance of fertility preservation. Your lifestyle and biological clock may impact your fertility. In case you want to continue with these activities and postpone fatherhood, we provide you with fertility insurance – sperm freezing and storage. You can now easily and securely preserve your fertility from home and continue living your life the way you want. To learn more about our sperm freezing and storage packages, click here.

Your future, now.


Disclaimer: provides general information and discussion about medicine, health, and related subjects. The words, views, and other content provided here, and in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice. If the reader, or any other person has a medical concern, he or she should consult with an appropriately-licensed physician or other health care worker. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor immediately.

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