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Collect your sperm privately at home & safely ship it to our secure FDA® lab

Private, Secure and Safe!

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    No waiting in lines, no traffic, no stress. Just you in the comfort of your home

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  • Within 48h from your order, your sample will be safely stored at our secured FDA® lab

  • We offer full refund in case of any process-related issue under our 100% Process Quality Guarantee

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How it works

1 Order kit

Order a kit online and receive it on your chosen delivery date

2 Produce

Produce your sample at home & mix it with our sperm preservation medium

3 Ship back

Send us back the kit by priority overnight FedEx pre-paid shipping service

4 Wait for results

We process, test, and cryopreserve your sperm at our state-of-the-art FDA® lab

5 Retrieve and use

We will retrieve your sample and deliver it safely to your clinic of choice, whenever you wish