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Is Hormonal Replacement Therapy Right for Me?

We receive many messages and emails from potential customers, who are checking the possibility of undertaking Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) for their male-to-female transition. would like to be an essential part of your transition. So, we decided to dedicate a blog for those who are wondering if Hormonal Replacement Therapy is right for them.

What is Hormonal Replacement Therapy?

Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) for transgender people is a therapy with sex hormone and other hormonal medications which is meant to create certain alignment between the person’s secondary sexual characteristics with his / her gender identity. For male-to-female transition, the hormonal therapy includes, inter alia, Estrogens and Antiandrogens.

What to expect during HRT

HRT for male-to-female transition is expected to change physical appearance to be more feminine. The physical changes expected are, among others, redistribution of fat and muscles in the body, breasts growth, soften skin and thinning of hair body.

Another significant physical change is the decrease in the production of sperm. Many male-to-female transgender people lose their ability to produce healthy sperm after their HRT. This is why they choose to bank their sperm before HRT, in order to secure their fertility for when they be ready to become parents.

Other patients have expressed changes to their sex drive, mood and appetite.

HRT physical & emotional effects differ from person to person and can appear in different degrees. In addition, certain patients may experience the effects sooner than others. The degree of change depends on factors that are different for every person, including age, the number of hormone receptors in the body, and the sensitivity of the body to the medication. 

How much does HRT cost?

HRT prices can range approximately between $10 to $85 per month, depending on the hormones and medication used. Physician diagnostics and supervision may add to these costs. Most of the insurance plans do not cover HRT. However, beside medical insurances, nonprofit programs may provide financial aid for the treatments.   

How can I know if HRT is for me?

Some male-to-female transgender people refer to psychological counseling and therapy before starting their HRT, in order to be more prepared for the expected physical changes during and after the treatment. We have also heard about male-to-female transgender people who decided to go to transgender support groups. Others try to live a period of a time as a female, in order to see that they can psychologically function as females. There are many other male-to-female transgender people who choose to get advice and support from online forums, such as Susan’s Place.

We have also heard from our customers that they specifically chose a LGBT-friendly doctors for their HRT to provide them with the right guidance.’s part in your transition provides sperm cryopreservation services for transgender people who want to fulfill their dream of transitioning, but at the same time keep their dream of becoming parents one day. We have many male-to-female transgender people customers, who chose us for their fertility insurance before their HRT. If you are looking for a LGBT-friendly sperm bank, is here for you.

To learn more about how HRT for male-to-female transition can affect your fertility, click here.  


Disclaimer: provides general information and discussion about medicine, health, and related subjects. The words, views, and other content provided here, and in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice. If the reader, or any other person has a medical concern, he or she should consult with an appropriately-licensed physician or other health care worker. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor immediately.

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