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Visiting a sperm bank is time consuming and extremely awkward! With, you can finally bank your sperm from the comfort of your home in a simple and quick process.

Secure your fertility from the comfort of your home, with our easy to follow instructions and simple process.

Safe & secure

Our FDA registered lab tests and stores your sample in compliance with strict quality and security standards. We use a three-factor identity authentication protocol for every sample we process.

Our FDA registered lab tests each sample before storage, under a three-factor identity authentication protocol.


We believe that securing your future as a parent should not be a luxury! We offer the most cost efficient private sperm banking service in the market without compromising our highest quality and safety standards.

We offer the most cost efficient service in the market! Highest quality and safety standards with no compromises!

Who should bank?

Sperm freezing is a simple solution for many situations impacting fertility. One of our key goals is to raise awareness to these situations in order to prevent any regrets in the future. Among our focus groups are vasectomy candidates, cancer patients, people planning for HRT or MTF processes, and steroid users.
See who should consider sperm storage here.

Pre vasectomy

Opting for vasectomy? A large number of men ultimately
consider vasectomy reversal, with many of them giving
up their dreams due to high costs and low success rate
of the procedures. With you always have
the possibility to change your mind in the future.


Cancer treatments save lives, but also carry a risk of
losing fertility as a result of Chemo or Radiation. offers all the resources and dedication
to help you preserve your fertility and plan
ahead for when cancer is beaten.


HRT is a key to fulfilling your greatest dream, but can also impact your fertility. is here to help you channel all energies to a successful transition, with no unnecessary worries about your future as a parent.

Steroid Use

Steroids are used by physicians for treatment but are also consumed for building strength and muscles. They damage the testicles and stop sperm production. is here to protect your fertility.

Hair loss treatment

Many men choose to treat hair loss with medication such as Finasteride (also known as Propecia and Proscar). These treatments might negatively impact the quality of sperm and cause infertility. With you can keep your hair and insure your future as a parent.

Male biological clock

Male aging (35+) is associated with significant decline in fertility and increased risk for health issues in babies: autism, bipolar disorders, and birth defects to name a few. is your fertility insurance. Live your life the way you want it, have a healthy family when you’re ready!

Why should you choose

Because we commit

We believe sperm storage should be accessible to everyone, and so we offer the most affordable service in the market. With our most dedicated on call support team, we are committed to give you the best possible service.

Because we focus on quality

Our home sperm freezing kit is carefully prepared and exceeds industry standards. Our protection medium will keep your sample viable during its overnight delivery to our lab. Prior to storage we test your sample, making sure it meets our strict qualifications.

Because of our experience

Our FDA® state-licensed lab has been practicing cryopreservation since 1968. Our Medical Director is a leading U.S.-licensed reproduction MD, with 30+ years of experience. We have a strong business team and a well-established advisory board.

Because we care

As the only team in the US focusing solely on men’s fertility and sperm storage, we invest a lot in ensuring that your sperm is stored safely and securely with us, until you need it.